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June 19, 2008

Online Services for your Law School

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Live blogging from CALI 2008:  USC Gould School of Law has implemented iTunes U, You Tube, and Google Apps in the last year.  USC Law relies on central university for network, email, and CIFS. Law students complained about email the most so USC Law IT looked to Google apps for mail. Students have mail, calendaring, documents, and sites, and will eventually have blogs. USC Law decided to move to Google Apps because they felt it would grow with  student expectations.   IT prepared a well rounded training web page but found that most students didn’t need training.  50% of their student body was using Google mail prior to migration. USC Faculty and staff are on Exchange for mail and calendaring. However, USC Law has accepted the issue with subpoenas by agreeing to work with Google’s general counsel to fight the subpoena but since Google owns the content, they ultimately can do what they want.  This is a huge red flag in my opinion.  USC developed a YouTube channel for the purposes of outreach.  They set up a main University channel then each school in the University have their own channel. USC Law is not using it for class recordings yet but has primarily added content for prospective students and advertising.  USC decided to have adds on their videos; YouTube shares 50% of ad revenue with host institution. USC also set up a spot on iTunes U. USC students only see content for the classes in which they are enrolled.  They also have a public view for non-USC students.  Apple limits USC to one terabyte of space.  USC law has used profcast to sync audio with powerpoint slides before uploading to iTunes U.


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